Lawmakers and People of Influence Comment on the DOME


Political Analysts - Australia

"I think this is a great idea and I hope all Members of all Parliaments will join it," said Malcolm Mackerras, School of Politics, University of NSW, Australian Defence Force Academy. (year 2002)

Parliamentarians - Parliament of Australia

"I am completely comfortable with all my views being made public and BigPulse's DOME of Conscience is an important and innovative addition to the process of public dialogue in Australia," said Greg Hunt Federal Liberal Member for Flinders. (year 2002)

"The DOME of Conscience is an exciting opportunity for political practitioners to engage in policy communications in Australia in an open - and at the same time very secure - way." Because it will help in forming an honest and accurate picture on the views of elected officials, it stands to strengthen democracy and can only lead to better governance," said Marise Payne, Liberal Senator for New South Wales and member of the Federal Parliament's Presiding Officers' Information Technology Advisory Group. (year 2002)

Parliamentarians - Parliament of NSW

"It's a concept all politicians should embrace in the public interest. It's potentially another evolution in democracy that will connect the Parliament to the people. Australia invented the secret ballot in 1856. Now we are exploring democracy even further," said Robert Oakeshott Member for Port Macquarie. (year 2002)

"MPs participation in the DOME will help enliven the interest of all people in the political process and we as Members of Parliament have this challenge to break cynicism and apathy. It's our challenge no one else's," said Robert Oakeshott. (year 2002)

"The DOME allows MPs to gauge the views of other MPs on various issues, in particular, issues of conscience such as the age of consent or euthanasia. It encourages free thought and creativity. I look forward to accessing this site to keep abreast of issues of concern to other MPs and the community at large," said Marianne Saliba ALP Member for Illawarra. (year 2002)

"There are many important issues that do not feature on the political agenda. The DOME will allow all MPs to have a role in setting the agenda. It will ensure MPs have an opportunity to represent the will of the people at all times. The DOME will also ensure that minority views always get a voice and help protect the Parliament from the corruption of corporate influence - democracy will be stronger," said the late Anthony McGrane Independent Member for Dubbo. (year 2002)

"The DOME of Conscience allows regional and isolated people to identify issues, better understand the whole range of matters before their elected representatives, maintain connection with their local Member and become more involved in managing our changing and challenging world," said Peter Webb National Party Member for Monaro. (year 2002)

"The DOME gives all MPs an opportunity to vote with their conscience without threatening a party line or the party system," said Richard Torbay Independent Member for Northern Tablelands. (year 2002)