9 November, 2007: Candidates' DOME of Conscience &ndash Election 2007, Parliament of Australia


Email inviting candidates to vote in the Candidates' DOME of Conscience, Parliament of Australia 24 November, 2007 election

Dear Candidate,

Which candidates and parties vote with their conscience?

The DOME of Conscience, Election 2007 is now open. The DOME is a voting forum just for candidates.

  • It produces a live ranking of the big issues as perceived by candidates.
  • It shows which candidates are able and willing to express their big issues and opinions concisely in a transparent forum.
  • It shows which parties encourage their candidates to speak their mind and express their conscience.
  • It's a measure of the strength of our democracy.
Your name, electorate, party and other details are already visible in the DOME. Now the voters would like to see where you place your votes.

Submit your big issue placards and vote

Click this link (the link in the email you received) to be signed in to the DOME automatically ready to vote. Vote for the placards that best represent where you stand on the issues. The forum was launched with a few placards to illustrate the idea. Click the Submit New Opinion button to add to the list. Be concise, submit one line placards.

You can vote for up to 20 placards and also represent your priorities by allocating points next to each placard. Higher points mean higher priority. You have a total of 100 points to invest. If you make a mistake or wish to update your vote simply vote again to override your last vote. Use the forum to the right of each placard to post more detailed comments and speeches.

Your votes are transparent

Click any placard with votes to see a list of all candidates who included that placard in their last vote. Then click any name in the list to view that candidate's personal vote page. It lists all opinion placards included in the candidate's most recent vote, the points or weight assigned to each placard and the date the vote was cast.

The placards are ranked live by votes – electorate, party, house

As you enter the DOME you see the opinion placards ranked live by votes – counting votes from all candidates for both the upper and lower house. Use the filters near the top right to see the vote counts and placard rankings for any electorate or party or for the upper or lower house.

Full list of candidates

Click the "Who's Voting" link to see a list of all candidates.

Who was invited? How to gain access

1424 candidates are listed in the DOME. We have email addresses for 783 candidates only. Some people in the candidate list published by the AEC have not specified an email address. Others have specified shared addresses however each voting account requires a unique email address. People who did not receive a vote invitation email can request one by sending their candidate ID number in the published AEC list and their email address to dome@bigpulse.com.

Your sign-in details

If you click the link above you will be signed in automatically. However you can sign-in directly at www.domeoz.com using sign-in: XXXXX and password: XXXXXX. To change your sign-in details first sign in to the forum then click Members Area/My Details.


The DOME is transparent so you can always check that your correct vote is showing. However you should protect your sign-in details from unauthorized access. As soon as a vote is recorded on your voting accounts you will receive a vote receipt in the email. If someone does access your account and attempts to change your email address, you will be immediately informed by email that your email address in the DOME has changed.

The rules

Vote with your conscience. Tell us where you stand. Be polite.

DOME web address

The 2007 Election DOME is accessed directly using www.domeoz.com. It is also linked from www.domevote.com.


For the DOME history see www.domevote.com.

Ralph McKay
Founder – DOME of Conscience