25 October 2005 : Van Nguyen's Appeal for Clemency, Lawmakers vote


Letter to 811 Australian parliamentarians

Dear Parliamentarian,

One thing every elected representative can do for Nguyen is take 10 seconds to vote in the lawmakers' DOME of Conscience poll "Van Nguyen's Appeal for Clemency". Six federal and five state members have voted already. 90 per cent have voted to save him. Eight hundred parliamentarians across Australia all voting together online will be a powerful voice representative, definitive, visible to the world.

This poll was launched with the following voting options:
Let Van Nguyen live
Protect Australia/Singapore relations, let Van Nguyen live
Capital punishment fits the crime

You can use the "Submit New Opinion" button in the forum to add other voting options.

Click any opinion in the forum to see the names of all those who voted for it. Click the "Who's Voting" link to see the names all 800 Australian parliamentarians sorted by time of last vote.

Click here to vote. You will be signed in automatically.

The Nguyen appeal poll appears in the DOME menu at www.domeaus.com. Be careful not to forward this email because the links in this email contain your personal sign-in details.

Ralph McKay
Founder -- DOME of Conscience